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My skin. My Hear

Núria MolasComment

This is mainly a brand blog. We blog about fashion, about what inspire us and about creativity but today we want to share with you something quite personal. This business is run by me, Nuria, a thirty something that since I can remember I always suffered from bad skin and weak hear.

My problems started when I was a teenager, before I was the cutest kid ever. When I was around 12 I started to suffer from acne problems and because of my hormones my hear was really weak in that time too. Later, on my twenties, and after a long battle, my acne was gone but my hear and my skin still had problems. I suffer from hipersensitive skin that always looks dry, full of spots (I need to exfoliate and hydrate it a lot) and when I am so stress (to run a business its not that easy) everything gets worst. I tried a lot methods and skin threatments since I can remember, but what really works on me right now is to try to drink a lot of water (specially during long dry winters in Berlin), eat healthy (sugar makes so much trouble on our skin) and use only natural and organic threatments. For example, I improve a lot when I started to use Dr hauschka products and I also I try to use a lot products like Elvive Arcilla Extraordinaria for my hear (in fact my hear its much beautiful now than it was before). I know I never will have the best skin or a hollywood hear, I know I will have to face problems the rest of my life (specially with the increasing pollution on our cities), but I learn I can improve. Today I wanted to share with you some of the products I use on my daily beauty rutine. I will repeat this post from time to time with the new products that I will try and that work with me and I hope you will feel free to share with us your personal experience


1. Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk (its very soft and can remove all make up very easily)

2. Dr Hauschka Clarifyng Toner (I use the one that helps to calm oily skin)

3. Elvive Arcilla Extraordinaria from L'Oreal Paris (a purifying mask, a shampoo and a hair conditioner). This is a perfect treatment for women like me who have oily roots and offers 72hrs of freshness & lightness hair from roots to tips. I love to treat myself with this after a day of hard work, its so refreshing and my detox moment. 

4. Erborian High Definition Radiant Face Cream. I almost never use make up but this Korean face cream hydratates and cover imperfections. 

5. Jabón del Alepo. The anciest soap worldwide.

6. Dr Hauschka Night Serum.