Diario de una Couturier

Handicrafts in Morocco

Núria Molas

Morocco is an incredible country and one of the places with the most impressive handicraft culture. Last week part of our team had the chance to visit Marrakech area and get to know deeply the handicrafts that are made there. We were impressed mainly for the berber work in the textil field. Of course the culture Berber is rich with culinary or handmade cosmetics (the base of everything is the Argan Oil) but we were centered to study the Textils. First of all we fell in love with the wool work, how they make carpets, blankets, cushions... and specially how they only use natural dying to give color to its products. They mainly use indigo and dyes that come from trees and plants. In fact these dyes are so natural that can also be applied to women makeup.

The berbers products are still 100% handmade in our days. The kids learn to do it since they are young, they learn it after school when they help their parents or their mothers and they do all the work like their ancestors did. In fact we were thinking that with such beautiful fabrics and a little bit of design a plenty of new designs and products could be made, but the "real makers" of berber staff are not really interested on innovation or design, or new products and they just do what they learned to do.

Another industry that really interested us was the leather industry. In fact our company will never sell anything that comes from animals, anything that comes from animal suffering, but in Marrakech this industry is big and is another important part of the handcrafts of the city. The artisans that work leather in the city are so experienced than in some points they don't even need patterns to cut. And, right now, is in the leather industry were, in our opinion, the artisans are trying to innovate and create new designs. They are trying to design new kinds of lady bags or lady shoes. We didn't fell in love with any bag but we really felt for some pretty ballerinas shoes. The quality and the cut were amazing. 

There were other industries that caught our attention like the jute industry (the Moroccan artisans make incredible colorful jute bags or baskets) or the pottery industry but we didn't have more time to explore. We hope to come back again to this amazing  country and learn more about the processes that berbers use in order to create such extraordinary and inspiring things.