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Espadrilles Care Tips

Núria Molas

The handmade Espadrilles are part of our story. They belong to our beloved Mediterranean area like ourselves. All our espadrilles are made by local artisans and are totally handcrafted using natural and vegan materials. As a natural products they need some special care in order to maintain them as long as possible.

In this post we would like to give you some tips so you can extend the life of your best espadrilles as much as possible. 



First of all we recommend to store the espadrilles inside the box after each wear. The espadrilles must be dry and its better to fill the sandals with newspaper paper in order to avoid deform them. 

When cleaning the espadrilles we must keep in mind that they should never be put into a washing machine

If the espadrilles are wet and/or full of mud it is better to let the espadrilles dry and then brush them.

In order to clean the jute platforms sprinkle them with talcum powder, let it rest and finish with a good brushing. The dirt will stick to talcum powder and will be easy to remove with a brush. 

To Clean the fabric or canvas we must use a mixture of water and mild soap and then rub with a brush.

An finally we recommend NEVER wear espadrilles on rainy days

We hope that these tips will help you to take care of your espadrilles in the most appropriate way.


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