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Loving packaging

People are starting to buy my clothes so It is time to think about the cards, photographs, the distribution and the packaging (as I show on the picture). I like those elements reflect the way Diario de una Couturier perceives the style and fashion.

How to sew you own envelope clutch

On spring time all of us, more or less, want to renew some staff from our wardrobe . In this post I show how to create a small clutch for the summer that can be used as a mini bag or purse.

To create this garment will need the following materials: an outer fabric, inner fabric, interlining, scissors, chalk, needles, ruler, paper to create the pattern and sewing thread .

First we will cut off the pattern on a paper. The sizes I have used to create my bag are: 25cm wide per 24cm long. I will also mark the 4 corners of  the clutch with a square, considering that on two parts we will have to cut a small triangle and the other two leave 1cm of margin.

Then, using this pattern, we will cut 3 pieces: an outer, an inner and an interlining.

Now we will sew separately the outside of the inner as show in the picture. We also have to keep in mind that we will wrap the inside fabric of the clutch with the interlining.

So when we will turn it,  it will look like it.

We will join the two pieces of the clutch (the inside and the outside). So we will place the inside on the backwards side and the outside on the right side and we’ll enter the outside into the interior as shown in the picture.

Then we will sew around the top leaving open a small slot through which we will return to the handbag and all the job will be completed.

In this case I used a rather informal tissue, but you also can use a more elegant fabric. I have also closed the clutch with a button. If you want to know how do it I posted a tutorial called how to create a buttonhole with a domestic sewing machine.

How to recognize a sewing lover

After a lot of years sewing, I’ve noticed that most of the people who like to sew share a number of very, very, very specific features.

1. In the first place I’ve noticed we like to enroll to a lot of courses. We can not stop learning and we find an imperative to know about pattern making, sewing, weaving, crochet … and everything that comes along.

2. Our favorite sport is fabrics hunting and  when we go on vacation to a new city always “oblige” our friends to stop at a fabric store in order to go home loaded with our favorite souvenirs, fabrics.

3. We spend Sundays sewing and if we can (especially when is winter time ) we do it wearing pajamas.

4. We never stop buying  new patterns, even if  we do not have time to sew them.

5. We always get commissions from the rest of our family or friends in order to sew clothes their clothes or make some arrangement.

6. We are addicted to all handmade markets (specially Christmas Markets) and we go as many as we can.

7. We love to discover that we are not alone and that there are more people out there who enjoy our hobby or profession as much as us.

picture: as good sewing addicted right now I’m studying ancient costumes to enhance the quality of my patternmaking.

Comming soon…Diario de una Couturier SS14 Top

I know I am working really slowly on the new spring summer collection but, in the meantime, I show you another Diario de una Couturier look inspired on the Mediterranean Coast.

Spring Summer 2014 collection first shots

I am always late producing Diario de una Couturier collections, but for the meantime I wanted to share with all of you the first Spring Summer 2014 collection pictures. For this season I have created very femenine designs.

I am looking forward for the Spring time to arrive and share with all of you all the designs.

Andrea Martinez and Aqui Estoy Yo Shop: a Diario de una Couturier stockist

Since a few seasons ago, you can find Diario de una Couturier clothing line in one of the most beautiful Gracia shops. This shop is shared by to amazing designers, Andrea from Andrea Martinez firm and Marta from Aqui Estoy Yo Brand. To me this is a very special selling point because  before they had my clothes I was their client and big fan. I like to work and collaborate with people like them, full of energy, perfectionist, creative and hardworking.

I really recommend to all of you who are in Barcelona to visit this special space.

By the way, the skirt shown in photographs  belongs to Diario de una Couturier winter collection.

Andrea Martinez and Aqui Estoy Yo

c / Penedès 12

08012 Barcelona

Spring Collection Colors

Finally, I got all next spring collection fabrics. For the next season collection I used a lot of pastel fabrics and very, very, very romantic patterns. I know that right now the most fashionable women looks are mainly “grunge” and with masculine silhouettes, but I can not imagine the world of women’s design without a touch of femininity and coquetry. I like the looks simple but elegant at the same time, the soft tissues and minimalist prints with discrete finishes.

Winter mornings

January is a busy month for all we work on fashion. We have to work in the winter sales, but spring-summer collections are almost ready and the last production days are so hard!!!! Now is the time to run out and look for those laces that you think are perfect for a design, cutting fabrics and patterns or to think on photographs and catalogs.

So on January morning I always start drinking a good strong coffee in front of the workbench to start with lots of energy despite the cold weather.

Skirts workshop in Dos Hormigas

During February I will teach two workshops in Dos Hormigas, a beautiful workshop space in Les Franqueses del Vallès.

Learn how to sew a skirt

Saturday, February 1 from 09:30 h to 13:30 h

Learn how to sew a skirt

Friday, February 7 from 17:30 h to 21h

For more info: HERE

Why should we test a pattern before to sew a garment?

A regular sewing addict usually buys patterns in companies like Burda or in online sites. The truth is that this is a very good option in order to create garments. But although this patterns are excellent I always recommend doing a test before the dressmaker will create the final garment. You must think that these patterns are created from standard sizes and human beings are unique and not standart at all, so often we must modify a pattern before to fit it perfectly.

You can test patterns using cheap cotton fabrics and apart from the required adjustments, you can also check the amount of fabric that specific design needs.

S.P. By the way, these images correspond to next spring collection. I really want to show you the designs very, very soon!

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