Diario de una Couturier

MANIFESTO — We produce clothes with care and love.

Diario de una Couturier is a synonym for femininity, gentleness and romanticism. We want to return to the origin of fashion, to that elegance based on simplicity and basic skills. Our collections are produced for women who seek special pieces and are comfortable with other forms of consumption. We are a timeless fashion brand based between Barcelona and Berlin. We create handmade clothes and produce them with care and love. We work with small workshops and local suppliers, with whom we develop unhurried collections. We give more priority to quality than immediacy. Diario de una Couturier is not only a fashion brand, but also a site where you can find the work of small designers. We work with small artists and artisans based in Spain. That is why we like to think that our project helps to support the local economy in a sustainable way. We only work with high quality materials. As a result, we only sell online. We want to offer the best quality at the best price and we only can afford that if we sell through our own platform. Our main concerns are finding the best fabrics and materials, which are made on an environmentally friendly way, and offering the best quality-price ratio to our customers. We are growing thanks to many people who are starting to change their consuming habits. People who want to know where their clothes, their shoes and their jewelry are made. People who are looking for special and unique pieces, who care about sustainability, who respect the planet and who believe in a fairer economy. 

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